How To Pick An Office Relocation Company


When it comes to office relocation, you need to make sure that you pick the right office moving company. During this time, one of the important decision you can make is hiring a proven, professional office relocation company. Do your research on office relocation companies in the area. Before choosing a mover, consider how their operations will impact your business operations. Take your time and choose reputable movers to handle the whole process. Keep in mind that relocation companies are not created equal thus you will be required to do thorough research. Here are tips for choosing the right office relocation companies.


  • Moving rates

When it comes to relocating your business, get to know how a company charge its hourly rates and the net cost. Do not concentrate more on the hourly rates and ignore the whole picture. At times, even a mover with the lowest hourly rates can make the move to take significantly longer than you had imagined. It is that you choose a moving company that is well-organized and whose moving estimates are realistic. Come up with a budget and ensure the relocation needs are in its confines.


  • Check references

Since the mover will be dealing with your valuable possessions, ask them to provide you a minimum of three references they have helped relocate recently. Ensure that the references provided match with your business. References will help you know if the mover is professional or inexperienced. Choose reputable office movers Melbourne who has managed, planned, and supervised small and complex office moves. Consider working with a relocation company that deals with commercial relocation.

  • Resources

The best decision you can make when moving your business is hiring a company with adequate resources and equipment. Get to know the number of workers and truck at the disposal of the company. Hire a mover who can handle a move of the size and scope you require. Ensure they have fleet of trucks at their disposal so that they can make the least trips possible to enhance time and productivity. For efficient relocation, pick a company with specialised equipment and make sure you know what equipment they will use. Ensure the equipment used will not damage the floors and possessions.

  • Certificate of insurance

Make certificate of insurance a must have before a deal is sealed. The company you choose ought to issue you with a certificate of insurance on their policies, clearly showing that your business has been covered. With a certificate of insurance, you are protected against property damage and workers compensation claim. You cannot be held liable in case something happens during the move. Only a reputable mover will issue you with a certificate of insurance.


  • Plan of action

Before the actual move, make sure you conduct a pre-survey with the mover. See to it that the mover submits a detailed plan of action and also an estimate of the total cost. The plan should cover all aspects of the move. For instance, the plan should talk about how long the move will take, equipment to be used, and trucks to be used.