Latest Shopfitting Trends and Tips


If you want to remain innovative in the way you design your retail store, you should incorporate these latest trends in shopfitting. Not all of these shopfitting trends would work for your particular but some of them might work for you. Here are a few cool shopfitting trends you may like.

The Standing Desk

A major shopfitting trend this year is the standing desk. Standing desks are actually functional for retail store employees since they often spend their workdays standing up helping customers or stocking new inventory. But there is also a health benefit to utilizing standing desks in shopfitting. When employees sit for periods of time, their lives become sedentary and this cause gradual weight gain and other health problems.

Color Makes Your Store Pop

Traditionally when you walked in a retail establishment, you would see this gray, black and beige color combination but those days are slowly disappearing. One of the latest shopping trends is incorporating bold colors into retail design. The walls might be painted colors such as neon green, hot pink, pastel yellow, teal, or burnt orange. If you’re a shopfitter, also place bold colored furniture in the store.

Shopfitting Lighting Trends

In an effort to become more sustainable, shopfitters from are turning to LED lighting for their stores. LED lighting is popular these days because they use less energy than traditional lighting and they are good for accent lighting, which is also a growing trend in retail stores. Signage lighting is another cool shopfitting trend for retailers and you will also see manequins draped in light fixtures in some stores.

Rise of the Pop Up Shop

Here is why the pop up shop is embraced by many in the shopfitting industry. These makeshift stores are not around for a short period of time and retailers often use this to show off new products that they will sell permanently in the future. But new brick-and-mortar stores are not the only ones utilizing the pop up shop. Online retailers such as Amazon are also setting them up in different communities.

More Stores With Open Layout

If you walk in some stores today you will find an open layout scheme. It makes the store more inviting and friendly for customers, and it promotes effective shopping and conversation among staff and customers.

Tips for Effective Shopfitting

In light of these trends, here is what you can do to have effective shopfitting for your store.You want to stimulate the customers by creating beautifully designed banners, paintings and signs throughout the store but avoid the visual clutter. Add a sense of community to the store by putting up a decorative bulletin board and other cool slogans along the walls of the store that would attract customers. Another rule of shopfitting is to display items that might attract customers the most near the checkout counter.


In conclusion, shopfitting is an art and it takes an eye for detail and a creative mentality to achieve this on a regular basis. When your store’s design looks fabulous, you attract more customers and boost sales at the same time.